General Information:

In this section all the mirrors for BrainBread are listed. If you know a mirror which isn't listed below or if a link isn't working please contact Zpin or add it directly using this form. If you're unsure which file you need, it'll most probably be 'BrainBread v1.2 Windows Client FULL'.

BrainBread v1.2 NO GORE patch (disables blood and gibs)

BrainBread v1.2 FGD (if you want to create your own BrainBread maps)
BrainBread v1.2 WAD (contains the textures used in BrainBread v1.1)

entdescription.txt (a BrainBread entity guide)

BrainBread mirrors:

Version 1.1 Changelog

BrainBread v1.1 Windows Client FULL (46.1 MB)
Link hosted by

BrainBread v1.1 Windows Client UPDATE (24.1 MB)
Link hosted by

BrainBread v1.1 Linux Server FULL (53.7 MB)
Hotfix v1.1.1 for the linux server
Link hosted by

BrainBread v1.1 Windows Server FULL (53.3 MB)
Hotfix v1.1.1 for the windows server
Link hosted by

BrainBread v1.1 Linux Server UPDATE (28.1 MB)
Link hosted by

BrainBread v1.1 Windows Server UPDATE (27.8 MB)
Link hosted by
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