Public-Enemy - Story & Setting


Public-Enemy - The Dark Future is a Half-Life modification. In this connection - we
the developers - set a basic value on a dark and atmospheric game world and an
interesting character development for the player.
In this modification you will find two teams that play the basic role in this game and
they will fight against each other in front of this futuristic scenery.
But, Public-Enemy is not another Team-Deathmatch game it is much more than that.
You will be a part of this world and based on the simple, but extensive character
development it will be individual and not another clone.
The graphic aspects, game play features and the design offer you new and
interesting possibilities to explore the world of Public-Enemy.

PE takes part in a dark future - which
we know from books, cartoons,
movies and games like BladeRunner,
ShadowRun, Cyperpunk, Syndicate
(Wars) or Deus Ex.
It is not a high-technology world like Star
Wars, Star Trek or other movies or

series which have already colonized
whole worlds; it is not a science-fiction
typically. It is more a neorealist, dark


2040, it is a world that is controlled by greed, corrupt and powerful firms. The
government has no control anymore over that what the firms do. This powerful
firms have already their fingers in the politics of country, that they can establish their
own security troops and laws which they can defend like they want. A lot of civil wars have done their part to destroy the world more and more and from that there is a
new society.
In the big urban cities lives the social
scum of the earth.

Private security corps control the streets
and judge over the normal citizens like
they want.
The security corps are under control of

the big and powerful firms.
They deal with the problems that their
employees have.


THE SYNDICATE: The first fraction is the Syndicate, which is controlled by several
Asian companies. The Syndicate consists of Soldiers of Fortune, Assassins, Yakuza
members and other very dangerous criminals. With this "Army", the Syndicate fights
against the European and US companies.

The SECURITY CORPS: On the other side we have military organized and
private Security Corps. They are commanded and paid by the several European and
US companies. The police troops are also taking care about law and order on these
continents. But they don't represent moral intensions. After all they control the
European and US continent with a iron and unscrupulous hand, they are idealizing
the interests of an totalitarian police state. Unofficial they are the death
squadron of the western industrial companies. With this army
they want to wipe out their opponent - the Syndicate.


Ok, let's sum it up what we got; finally we got two groups that fight against each
each other, the Western Companies and the Syndicate. The citizens know nothing
nothing about that what's going on in the heads of these big bosses until they were
influenced in this.


In the world of 2040 it is possible to travel through our galaxy. Leaving our solar
system is only possible with the use of unconventional ways. But you never know
what unconventional ways the big companies already know.

The weapons were not developed further a lot. But the modernest weapons
variants were used because of the cheap investment of their mass production.
But of course there are a few weapons that use a high technology.

The most important developments were
made in the gene technology (bio
technology), cyber technology and the

infrastructure. So it is now possible to
create a human which is stronger, faster
and more intelligent.
Due to the highly developed infrastructure it is now possible to use new car like
vehicles, called antigravity vehicles and the limited high of the buildings is now gone,
to store the still rising amount of citizens that is now above 13 billion.


The world of Public-Enemy is a dismembered world in which the positive
developments were overwhelmed in the next moment by negatives.
Social highs and lows are changing so often that it is impossible to count them.
It is quiet impressive that the human race could develope itself that far. A clear path
doesn't exist in this world anymore.
So let's see what you can do in this world - make it better - or make it worse.