Public-Enemy v1.4 (09/15/2004)
an IronOak studios production


Spin ( )
- Implemented reinforcement in both game modes. Can be controlled with "sv_respawn" and
"sv_respawncycle" see the manual for more information.
- Included and adapted Botman's HPB Bot ( )
- Increased damage on all weapons and items
- Decreased recoil/bullet spread on all weapons
- Changed the point bonus system (see the Public-Enemy manual for more information)
- Implemented the screen glow presented on VERC ("cl_glow" controls the effect
see the manual for more information)
- The grenade in sticky mode now has a activation timer of five seconds, after the
activation time it will explode after 30 seconds or whenever a player gets closer
than two meters
- Added targeting feature to the "Sentinel" ("Cyberhead" add on)
- Added "cl_targets" cvar to control Sentinel behavior, see the manual for more
- Reactivated the "mp_friendlyfire" server variable. Off by default
- Implemented game play modifier server variable "sv_gameplay" to control damage,
bullet spread and movement speed. (Values: "action", "normal"(default), "realistic")
- Changed cross hair look and behavior
- Implemented help system
- Added the "cl_help" cvar to control help message display and the "cl_help_times" cvar
to control how many times a help item should be shown
- The secondary weapon will now be directly selectable by the lastinv command
- Fixed a bug where no weapon was selected at round start
- The modus of the sticky grenade will now be saved for the next round
- Added a custom font system
- Fixed the "varvote" command (now enabled by default)and added a text file to allow the
server admin to controll which variables are voteable ("voteable_vars.txt").
- Adapted first person spectator
- Players will now see which weapon caused a headshot
- Reduced bandwidth usage
- Heavily improved server performance
- Fixed MP3 sound volume
- Fixed auto-teambalance for good
- Fixed walking speed while changing from walk to duck
- Fixed equip menu
- Decreased Stoner accuracy while walking/jumping
- Changed hacking counter bar so it changes from red to green for the Syndicate
and vice versa for the SecurityCorps
- Screen notifications now fade in and out
- Implemented teamscore limit and fraglimit ("mp_teamscorelimit", "mp_fraglimit")
- Fixed Sig550 recoil
- Fixed bug, where CyberBomb-suicide didn't always kill the player
- Increased CyberBomb damage
- Made the "nearby mates" (top right screen region) display more compact
- Fixed death anim length
- Updated fmod to version 3.73
- Updated metamod to version 1.17.2
- The task information (top left corner) is now pulsing, so players remember what to do
- Fixed some sprite offsets
- Fixed the information menu for CyberWare category one which jumped to category three
after closing the information text
- Removed blue borders on the team selection menu graphics
- Reduced crosshair calmdown speed
- Reduced sticky grenade damage
- Made fader accessible in "pe_faders.cfg"
- Transfered help to "help/.cfg"
- Fixed a bug in the pe intro where random letters were shown
- Fixed the notification when a player touches a terminal/case/hacking tool
- Updated the manual
- Fixed fog effect
- Fixed memory leaks
- Rewrote radar
- Reduced the price of all Cyberaddons
- Improved "Enhanced Skin"
- Fixed MP5-10 clip position
- Improved rain effect
- Added Bloodspray on headshot
- Added bonus point display (right screen border)
- Fixed presets
- Implemented class menu
- Fixed disappearing weapons
- Implemented flamethrower
- Improved blood
- Added "sv_roundtimelimit" and "sv_rounddelay" to control round length and delay
- Fixed 99% CPU usage bug
- Fixed demorecording
- Added new "cl_" vars to control HUD behaviour, tweak performance and avoid crashes
see the manual for mode information
- Added translucency when using NanoSkin
- Fixed player speed & stepsounds
- Increased ammo on most weapons
- Fixed shotgun spread
- Cleaned up the hl-penemy.fgd file

LordScottish ( )
- Created new font
- Improved lens flare effect
- Created a Steam menu background
- Redid and improved rain sprite
- Fixed case texture
- Designed presets menu
- Fixed hacking tool origin
- Made a Flamethrower model & sprites

MadMaxFMM ( )
- Created new map db_cottage
- Did detail textures for all maps
- Fixes in db_cybercon, pe_titanium & pe_arena
- Moved terminals in pe_darksun & pe_bladerunner

Ed Hargrave
- Added two new soundtracks:
HL Public Enemy - Hamlets Dream
HL Public Enemy - Life Support

- Created the music for "db_cottage"

Official Public-Enemy homepage:
(c)2004 by IronOak studios

Version BETA 1.2 (08/03/2003)
an IronOak studios production


Spin ( )
- MP5 SD Zoom should work proberly
- The "setsec" and "setsyn" commands work now, see the manual for more Information
- When using Metamod the MP5 should no longer be unavailable
- Akimbo weapons will not reload until both weapons are empty
- Dead players can no longer talk to the living ones
- If a Player uses the orbital device all the others no see a text warning message
- The red screen when taking damage is less disturbing
- On a players death the points are no longer reseted to 30. See the manual for mote Information
- There is now a team bonus for each player of the winning team even if the player dies
- The terminals now have names
- Added a counter to display the time remaining until a terminal is irreverably hacked
- The music volume is now turned down if a player uses the HL internal voice communication,
use the "cl_talkmusicvolume" variable to set the reduced volume value.
- Changed the aiming so that on the first few shots the weapons are a bit more precise and the screen
shakes less. (The recoil is applied on the view model rather than on the players view.)
- Changed the grenade damage: Impact mode does less, Delayed mode does slightly more and
Sticky mode does significantly more damage.
- Heavily increased the CyberBomb damage
- Glock 18 is now named correctly in the console
- Adjusted the radius damage function. The appropriate damage should now be done correctly.
- Dead players should no longer be healed by the CyberHeart
- Slightly decreased Seburo CX damage
- Increased Stoner damage
- Slowed down the movement speed in general (the bonus points will compensate that, speed bonus
due to points caps at +40%)
- Fixed the autoteam function
- Removed friendlyfire completely
- Added team spectator mode for leagues, use the "sv_teamspectator" cvar to de-/activate it
- The radar shows who is using a radio command
- If a player has too few points for all the items he selected they are now removed in the
following order: Cyber addons, Cyber parts, items, heavy weapons, pistols
- Added duck-toggle and walk-toggle
- The "model" command can no longer be used to change the players model
- Fixed some WinXP crash issues (hopefully all of them)
- Did some speed optimization in the code. Probably fixes the high CPU usage but it could also
be map dependant, we don't know.
- You can no longer do auto fire and burst at the same time
- Changed some stuff on the spawn code so the spawn bug probably got killed, we'll see
- Implemented Cryss' team selection menu

MadMaxFMM ( )
- Added pe_arena, use "votemap pe_arena" if you are few players in a large map
- Replaced the elevators in db_terrorbird with teleporters
- Changes on all 6 existing maps

LordScottish ( )
- Redid the buymenu category sprites
- Fixed the case origin so you are no longer able to hide it into a wall.

- Made a graphical team selection menu

Official Public-Enemy homepage:
(c)2004 by IronOak studios