Public-Enemy Gameplay & Maps


In this area we present the maps of Public-Enemy. For each map we will show 6 screenshots.
We will briefly describe the game modes here too.


The hacking mode deals with top secret files stored on two terminals. One of the syndicates has a modem which he has to use to hack both terminals.
Of course the other syndicates' task is to protect him during this action. If a terminal is hacked it takes ca 20 seconds until the files are sent. If the security corps are successful in uninstalling the modem within this time, the hack attack has to be started again.
After a successful hack attack and download of the files, the syndicate wins the round. But if the security corps are able to protect the terminals for a given time or if they remove the syndicates then they are victorious.

PE_BLADERUNNER - Fallen Metropolis - Hacking

more bladerunner screenshots (~1MB!!)

PE_TITANIUM - Titanium Nirvana - Hacking

more titanium screenshots (~1MB!!)

PE_DARKSUN - Rising of the dark Sun - Hacking

more darksun screenshots (~1MB!!)


In the Dirty Business mode, everything is about one item, insignificant at the first view, namely a suitcase. This case contains very important documents and must not fall in enemy's hands. So the assignment for the Syndicate is to protect the case at all costs. The Security Corps has to obtain this case and bring it to a secure location. Every player can carry the case and bring it somewhere else. But unfortunately the player is not able to use a weapon or run with high speed. One other component of the case is a transmitter that shows the position of the case-carrier on everyone’s radar.

DB_CYBERCON - Cybercon Industries - Dirty Business

more cybercon screenshots (~1MB!!)

DB_OSAKA - Osaka Downtown - Dirty Business

more osaka screenshots (~1MB!!)

DB_TERRORBIRD - Bird of Terror - Dirty Business

more terrorbird screenshots (~1MB!!)