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> Random ideas/gameplay wishlist, Stuff...
  Posted: April 20, 2010 07:37 am
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Last hope of Mankind

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Just some random ideas that I had:

*movement: have 3 movement modes. -
1. an extremely slow but stealthy slow walk (tip toe if you will), still have gun ready and aimed, able to shoot with good accuracy for all weapons, not default movement type. Good for sneaking around unless spotted, much slower than the speed at which most zombies approach.
2. regular walking, not stealthy enough to avoid detection of nearby zombies (by sound), slightly faster than movement of most zombies. When walking at this speed, weapon is slightly lowered, aim is fair at best with handguns most affected. Melee weapons being the exception ( maybe even add bonus damage).
3. Running like your life depends on it (probably will); weapon is either completely lowered/holstered (certain weapons unusable while running). Accuracy for weapons that can be fired while running is horrible with a second or three delay before regaining any level of accuracy if the player stops or drops back to regular walking. Other functions such as being able to open doors disabled (can break doors down or bust them open by running into them if not locked or mapped as sturdy (?). Large bonus to melee weapons.

Have skill and speed levels play a role in over player speed in all types of movement, as well as increased weapons accuracy and melee damage.

.. Use an Admin selected and/or vote-able weapons abundance/gun-control setting. Anything from "Teh took our guuunnnnsss!" to "NRA paradise" (or just 1 through some given number). On the most strict levels, limit gun availablilty to small arms such as semi-auto handguns, pump/semi-auto shotguns, and single-shot rifles with the highest levels allowing everything up to the mini-gun. Have the max quantity specified for ammo crates reduced according to abundance level as well. Weapons like the propane tank could probably be left unaffected by this setting as well as melee weapons

.. For all loud weapons (handguns and up) add the good old annoying ear-ring and sound muffling effect. Give it a semi-accumulative affect: A few rounds will cause minor ringing that goes away quickly, extended loud weapons fire (or moderate to short use of weapons like the mini-gun) lead to extended periods were the player only hears ringing and muffled sound (slower return to normal hearing). If possible even have voice-chat affected. Maybe make the use of this server side configurable.

.. Multiple reload animations for varying skill levels. As the player gains more skill points, weapon reload speeds increase up until just before it would be "too fast" for that animation, then switch to next animation sequence. The idea being: having the player start out with a slow and clumsy looking reload animation (maybe short of dropping a clip or two and fumbling around trying to load the current active weapon) working their way up to a faster more efficient/experience looking animation.

* NPCs

.. Keep the Marine NPCs, maybe add the ability to set some sort of agitation level for them: I.e. maybe if they see you grabbing up weapons/ammo/health that is set (in the map) to be owned by them, if they are set to be apprehensive towards players, have them become hostile towards the players and also attack both zombies and players. Or, if a moderate setting is used, have them tolerate a certain amount of "borrowing" before they become hostile with the lower settings having them function as they do in BB.

.. Add civilian NPCs. Much lower HP, not as fast or powerful as the marines, and generally more aggressive towards regular players. Enable them to pick up player dropped weapons, map set weapons, health packs as well as pick up ammo from ammo crates. If possible have them become hostile towards players who pick up weapons/ammo/health within a certain radius of civilian NPC.


.. Allow for the possibility for wounded zombies (or even random ones) to play possum (for players to follow the "double-tap rule). Something along the lines of having them grab the player (RE style) or if not within the LOS of a given or all players quietly get up and sneak up on the player (not sure if that is code-able ).

.. Have all Marine/civilian/etc. NPCs turn into zombies like players when hurt extensively enough. Also have zombie NPC count against NPC creater max-live count. Zombie NPCs could be faster and more powerful that general zombies.

.. Have a map setting or server setting zombie model/class pool: Have model pools where the zombie models reflect either the start of the mass infection to "it's been a while". Initial mass infection time reflecting faster zombies, less "rotten" more of them, but not able to sustain a whole lot of damage. Have the later ones represent the slower lumbering but able to take a lot of punishment zombies (multiple head-shots required).

.. Voice chat: have voice chat between players dependent on how close one player is to another. The farther way, the more the volume fall-off between players, outside a given radius no voice chat possible.

I've got more, but it's late...


Still mapping away!!
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Posted: April 21, 2010 03:08 am
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This is cooooooool, I had a few ideas in these type-o things.... I hope it's ok for me to join ya on that cause.

Things regarding guns
-I always always thought about that reload speed feature, where the higher your skill level is, the faster you will reload. Instead of starting from clumsy reloading, just make it your normal, yet slowest reloading state. You know, just like Leon from Resident Evil 4. Then once the level goes higher, the person will reload at the most efficient level; in other words, fast as hell!! Also, there shouldn't be too much speed levels since it might mess with the balance...

-That thing about controllable weapons are a great idea. wink.gif But the default should be no limits, since that what Brainbread is, but keep the really strong weapons at a higher level. (ex. the m16, ak-47, etc...)

Melee Weapons!
We all know that the axe is the shiiiiiiiiit, but it's kinda boring to just have that.

-Combat Knife:
An optional melee weapon, it excells highly on slashing speed, but has awful pushback rate and crappy against one huge crowd. It's got potential to decapitate a zombie with a single slash as an upgrade, but it will always be crappy on taking down multiple targets. It'll only be for quick assists, or however you'd use it...

Another blade? Heheheheh, well the game blooms even more with a modern-day blade like this. It's really good for pushing back a wide range of zombies, but it also lacks the slashing power and is quite slow from a normal weapon. Also, the pushback isn't that good, but it's good enough to get you out of any trouble. Ideal for cutting down through a crowd, but it won't guarantee killing a zombie with one or two slashes...

Ah, the standard, default weapon. It'll have the same stats as it always did: good pushback, good damage, normal speed. Let us keep it that way.

-Baseball Bat/other blunt weapon:
It doesn't necessarily have to be a bat, but it shouldn't have a blade on it... what it'll have is the least damage, normal speed, normal range, below decent pushback. It's got the unique skill of stunning a zombie momentarily. Yeah, that means not one, but a few zombies you can manage to hit!

As skill points increase, so too do the skill of weapon. All of them will have a secondary (some third) skill. For example, the knife can have a wide-ranged swipe. It'll momentarily push back a crowd for emergency but it won't be enough. Also, doing this skill will leave you vulnerable for a bit.

These weapons may be assigned randomly to all of the players in a game room as an option.

Special skills of an Infected
It sucks to just have an infected like you run and claw. You need some skills that can up your advantage!!!!

-The one that's been on my mind right now is the "tackle" ability. What it does is that you will charge up and do a fast tackle on an enemy, leaving them stunned for a bit. It's best to do it if a horde is messing up a team... it's a bit like the Charger from L4D2, but you won't slam your enemy to the ground. Also, only a single target can be affected.

-There's another one: summon horde!! I don't know how you'll do it, be it a shout or something chemical, but you can have a horde follow you or point them to where they will make their move. It'll have a loooooooooong cooldown, and it'll be one of the skills you can develop.

-There's also one other: the drag ability. What you can do on this one is grab an unsuspecting enemy and drag him/her to the place you want for a short period of time. Also, you'll be very open when you do this (unless you're covered by zombies). You can also exploit this move and have zombies attack the person you're dragging by just not moving at all.

-Rage: For a duration, your blood will boil and your zombie adrenaline will kick in, resulting in faster running and faster attacking. Also, you will not be pushed back by bullets as they will have smaller effect on you... but after your rage, your movement speed will slow down and you will be left with half or less health. Doing rage again will result in death, unless healed...

-Bite Attack: this is much like the default skill an infected player will have. Really simple; as an infected, you will dash to an enemy and grab them, taking a bite on their necks. It will give you a chunk of health, and it will infect the uninfected player anytime. It momentarily stuns an enemy and turns them onto your side. smile.gif

-Leap/Long Jump: I don't know how this'll be attained and/or animated, but there will be a skill in which you can jump a really really far distance in order to either skip tall skyscrapers, surprise enemies, or flee. Jumping can only be done once and the cooldown will be annoyingly long. It is ideal for escaping when all else fails, catching a running enemy, or for trying to reach a crucial place, basically. It's almost as good as teleporting... happy.gif

-*New* Chemical Spit: This is just one of the long-range abilities you can have as a zombie player....
Basically, you'll need to charge up the ability, much like tackling, in order for it to work. While that charging time takes place, you will need to aim for your target.
Once you spit at the target, the target will temporarily be stunned and will have a high decrease in movement speed. In order to recover from this spit, a nearby ally or NPC must assist. If not assisted, the spit will stick to the target for quite some time. It's ideal for picking off lone wolves.... then again, much of these skills are good for picking lone wolves off.

-*New* Gun-Handling: Self-explanatory, really. As a zombie, you are able to wield guns!!! However, since almost all of your thinking ability is lost, your accuracy will be horrendous. Also, you cannot reload your gun, so you will be forced to keep searching for new ones. As this skill is leveled up, accuracy will be added.

Before I forget to mention, you can only have one of these skills. Also, there's more to come. tongue.gif

Special Enemies
It's sad that Fred's all alone...

-Fred, the standard, default boss of a game: yes that's right, Fred's hard to destroy. Let's keep 'em that way. Also, why not add him being very strong, and can be able to push you far back by hitting you? Also, he can grab you and throw you to a place he would wish. However, Fred will remain AI-controlled. He'll be the same slow-moving brute we all know.

-Survivor/refugee: It's boring to just have zombies fight you. A normal survivor would typically have a crossbow on hand and a very bulletproof vest. You'll have to find a way to hit him/her from the head since he/she moves very fast. Also, the crossbow damage he/she will deal can slow you or take out a huge portion of your health. He/she can also throw a flash grenade, to stun you for a bit, or a bait grenade where that area will be attracting zombies. The normal grenade is too impractical, he/she said. It'll be like a hunter hunting ya, by the way.

-*New* Kill Squad:You know those main characters you see in zombies where they're in teams? Well, now they're your enemy. They're well-equipped, hard to kill (since they're a team), and will shoot anything. Their sole purpose is to clean the place. They will basically function as an AI-controlled set of soldiers who will rarely break off. Having them in a bunch can actually be your advantage, by lunging a grenade or dropping that gas tank at the right moment. But damn, they can really shoot a gun. It's up to your team's capabilities to destroy them.

*New* Level 2 Zombie: It's boring to have the same ol' walking, dumb zombies ingame. Fred's just the same even if he's a big, hulking version of them.
Lv.2 zombies are more aware of your location and can run like crazy. Worst of all, they can infect you more easily. But lucky for you, they will not spawn in bunches. They are also just as weak as walking zombies, but this time they're much faster than them. And no, you can't trick them by standing on a car or higher platform. Not any of the zombies...

Things regarding missions/objectives
There aren't much missions, and it's usually up to the map creator. We should add to the default missions to make it more fun...

-Retrieve a special item/suitcase: yep, the standard mission is to get to a dangerous spot to retrieve a suitcase. Well... instead of that, we can have one single random zombie carrying the item needed to be retrieved. Too easy? We'll try not to make it that way. There will be no indicator as to where it's located, so it's up to your team's searching abilities. Also, it won't appear right away... at a certain point or time, a zombie will spawn it.
Other than that, have a boss zombie carry it!

-Rescue survivors: Being that you're not the only one out there, the military will eventually want you to search for more people. Once again, there will be no indicator as to where they are, so it's up to your searching abilities. They will be easier to find though, since they will call you out when nearby. But the harder part is to bring him/her back to your spawn point... uh oh. He/she will have some form of weapon in hand, but he/she will need all your support.

-Eliminate the opposing enemy: You know, there are also evil civillians. You will be tasked to deal with a number of small opposition enemies... they will be scattered around the map. No, it won't be a challenge... they're more battle-ready than normal civillians. They will mostly carry guns and will be hard to kill. Also, they're bigger in numbers.

-Accompany a recon team to a zone: The army should be more active... not just help you out. You will be tasked to lead a couple of soldiers to a certain zone for them to take care of their own business. This is more of a first mission, since it seems pretty easy. They will normally shoot guns and will follow to where you go. Of course, there's a chance you can fail. What can it do? Stop all soldiers from respawning when killed, or a bigger increase of zombies. Your choice.

It'll always be standard as to when you reject to do these missions. They will just stay there as your main objective until the map's time runs out and all of you are evacuated. These are all I can think of as of now....


Well, that's all I can offer right now, since I'm drying out on ideas.... but, thanks for letting me post this, Shoot_Me. I'll suggest more. smile.gif

I've updated some. Might end up double posting but, eh.

December 27, 2010: Just doing lots of thinking about BB's future... I think if I lay these ideas on text, I won't forget them. The ones with the *New* tag are the updates. Enjoy reading them, if there are any readers that is.

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Posted: February 15, 2011 09:02 am
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i wont quite that ohmy.gif XD
about the fred thing i was thinking, why dont have fred in source but with something more like:

Fred is back, but he is not alone/stronger

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