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> Anarchy, Hopefully this one won't suck.
Zombie Assassin
Posted: December 14, 2009 10:14 am
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Last hope of Mankind

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I know that all of my stories have been complete crap, but anyone want to help me out on this one instead of just saying it sucks?

Time: 10:17 AM - Where: New Jersey

I've been wandering aimlessly in the mall, confused. Why are we here? I mean, does God have a plan for us? Or is this all part of some bigger thing?

Not that it matters. We'll all learn soon enough. I decided to walk around a Music Shop. I might be a Security Guard, but I can take a few minutes off to buy something. Than, I saw a boy. Looked like a teenager. I knew what he was doing - he was shoplifting. I followed him through the store, as he took other things while nobody was looking. I walked to the entrance, and before he left, which would trigger the alarm, I talked to him.

"Hey there.", I said, not in my most confident voice to the teenager.
"Leave me alone, sir, if you may."
"Well, that's okay by me. But.... Music's a great thing, isn't it? There's happy music, there's sad music.... there's even some music that makes you think about yourself. Makes you change a little bit. Than there's funny songs. But.... I guess the most devastating thing about music..."

"... is for the band who made it to discover that a person liked their songs so much, they decided to steal it. Wouldn't you agree?". Now I was really wondering what would happen.

"...I guess...."

I told him that sometimes, things like that just happen because of things like family issues, girls - well, in the case that they'll be "very grateful" if they steal a song for herself - and sometimes just because your friends are putting alot of pressure. He said that he had to go check out some other songs, and later left without stealing anything.

Well, that's a crisis averted. It's every parent's nightmare when they find out their son, or daughter commited a crime - something that didn't have to happen for his.

Just then, I was asked to come up to the rooftop on my transciever. (I don't know if that's how you spell it, but I think they have transcievers. Transceiver maybe?)

A woman. Dead. But her wounds weren't made by bullets... or any melee weapons. It couldn't have been a heart-attack, because it was clear that this was a murder.


Well, that's all I have for now. I'm taking it slowly. Please, tell me the areas I lacked in.
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