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> Ideas and help needed, Like the topic says :P
Posted: June 14, 2012 09:29 am
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On June 9th "sorry if I didn't made this topic after the meeting, but I was busy with tons of stuff" we had a long discuss about and around BBS. About stuff what we can probably make AFTER first working Build (near BETA).

Ideas we had:

When playing you can get Achievements, example "Kill 100 zombies" or something. These won't be impossible nor easy.

Character Unlock:
On SP and COOP (Yes, we are working on a SP and COOP versions. The story is being made atm.) we will add add some secrets and secondary objectives that can unlock some singleplayer character that you cannot get on MP. All characters can be unlocked and be played trough MP.

Stats Save:
Save ALL your stats. They won't dissapear after you restart the game or a server. They will be saved on the server directory (the one who host).

Aim with your weapon and get better Accuracy. But you you need your skill level on 2 or 3 to aim your weapon. Else you get "You can't aim with this weapon, you skill level is to low!"

And now for the help needed part.
Orange - Need more help
Red - Critical
We still need mappers, coders and character artists. I made this easy form to make it easier for me to understand what place you want. You can also post here if you don't want to email us.

You just simply send a email to our main dev mail: brainbreadsource@gmail.com

Title - [Other], [Modeler], [Char artist], [Mapper], [Web designer], or any thing that we haven't mentioned here
Portfolio - So we can see your work.
Name - So we can know who you are
Country - Needed for Meetings (so we know what time-zone you have)
Description - To tell who you are, what skills you have and/or what we should know.

I visit Ironoak Forums time to time.
My Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/jonnyboy0719
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