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Patch release Date - Shib, 2003-08-03 05:55
Here the exact Release Date.

Serverversion release


Update and Fullversion tomorrow.

Cient Version release

Fullversion and Update in 2 Days.

Patch release - Shib, 2003-08-02 14:37
The release is not far away. We are Mirroring the Files and Updateing the Server. So we release during tomorrow.


- MP5 SD Zoom should work properly
- The "setsec" and "setsyn" commands should work now, see the manual for more Information
- When using Metamod the MP5 should no longer be unavailable
- Akimbo weapons will not reload until both weapons are empty
- Dead players can no longer talk to the living ones
- If a Player uses the orbital device all the others now see a text warning message
- The red screen when taking damage is less disturbing
- On a players death the points are no longer reset to 30. See the manual for more Information
- There is now a team bonus for each player of the winning team even if the player dies
- The terminals now have names
- Added a counter to display the time remaining until a terminal is irreverably hacked
- The music volume is now turned down if a player uses the HL internal voice communication,
use the "cl_talkmusicvolume" variable to set the reduced volume value.
- Changed the aiming so that on the first few shots the weapons are a bit more precise and the screen
shakes less. (The recoil is applied on the view model rather than on the players view.)
- Changed the grenade damage: Impact mode does less, Delayed mode does slightly more and
Sticky mode does significantly more damage.
- Heavily increased the CyberBomb damage
- Glock 18 is now named correctly in the console
- Adjusted the radius damage function. The appropriate damage should now be done correctly.
- Dead players should no longer be healed by the CyberHeart
- Slightly decreased Seburo CX damage
- Increased Stoner damage
- Slowed down the movement speed in general (the bonus points will compensate that, speed bonus
due to points caps at +40%)
- Fixed the autoteam function
- Removed friendlyfire completely
- Added team spectator mode for leagues, use the "sv_teamspectator" cvar to de-/activate it
- The radar shows who is using a radio command
- If a player has too few points for all the items he selected they are now removed in the
following order: Cyber addons, Cyber parts, items, heavy weapons, pistols
- Added duck-toggle and walk-toggle
- The "model" command can no longer be used to change the players model
- Fixed some WinXP crash issues (hopefully all of them)
- Added pe_arena, use "votemap pe_arena" if you are few players in a large map
- Replaced the elevators in db_terrorbird with teleporters
- Changes on all 6 existing maps

There will be a Update from Version 1.0 for

- Windows Client
- Windows Server
- Linux Server

and a Full Version for

- Windows Client
- Windows Server
- Linux Server

If you want to know the exactly Releasedate, other Informations or Chat with other PE Fans join #penemy @ Quakenet. - Shib, 2003-06-29 12:00
The american company have informed us that they probably will start a Public-Enemy-Ligue. With their sub-company they now want to join the Server-Business.
Their servers are stationed in Irvine, CA.

We can only recommend the firm-site to you. Visit them! ;)

At the moment most of us work on the first patch, which will bring serious gameplay-changings, 2 new maps and many other new features.

Lust but not least we are still searching for (american) gameservers. Those who are interested should contact me per mail (

Have a nice week,


Status Update - enemy, 2003-06-01 08:10
Max is working hard on his maps and here are the first results of his work. It shows pe_arena a small map for dm-fights, if the server is not so full Here we go !





Current Status - enemy, 2003-05-29 11:32
Good news .Spin and Max have nearly finished their final school exams("Abitur") and Scotty is back from the army , so they've already started working on the first beta-patch.First of all there is new stuff from the mappingsection, Max is working hard on the gameplay improvements of the maps

The first little mapupdate includes the following stuff:

- New version of DB_TERRORBIRD (Teleporters and improved gameplay!)
- New version of DB_CYBERCON (Reduced unfair positions, new case- and startpositions, improved gameplay!)
- New PE_ARENA-Map for fast DM-fights. (Small, but crazy map ^^)
- New BLACKBOX-MAP for testing own models or creating modelshots for fanpages etc

Max also gave me two new screenshoots of the improved terrorbird-map



Status update - Shib, 2003-05-15 13:21
2 Weeks have passed since the release of the Public Enemy Beta 1.0.. Now its time to release a little status update. In this status update youll find some information about the future of Public Enemy and many more.

Our 3 leaders MadMaxFMM, LordScottish and Spin have at the moment no time to work on bug fixes, new things and revisions, because MadMaxFMM and Spin have to work for their graduation right now and LordScottish has to finish his army service (Mandatory military service which has a duration of15 weeks). However all 3 will be approximately able to take up their work again in 3 weeks. Thus expect you shortly 2 new maps, large improvements in the Gameplay, many bug fixes and strongly improved Models as well as animations.

In addition we published the Trailer to our Mod last week, which sets PE marvelously in scene. You can find it two news under this one

Also, the media took notice of Public Enemy and so our mod was seen twice in the television broadcast GIGA GAMES of NBC. At the beginning of June there will be a article in the English PCGamer.

We wish you much fun in the dark future.

Forum down - enemy, 2003-05-09 06:57
We are sorry for the downtime but we have problems with the databank of the forum. We're working on that problem so please stay tuned.

greetz enemy

UPDATE: we fixed that problem, so it should work again

Trailer is here! - Shib, 2003-05-08 07:15
More than a week has now passed since the release of Public Enemy. Finally the Trailer is released, which can show the game in a spectaculer way.
The Trailer is 30MByte bug and has a duration of nearly 2.5 minutes. To see the film you need the DivX-Codec 5.05.

I'd like to thank Qbiac who made this absolutely stunning Trailer ;)


Here are the Mirrors:
Mirror @
Mirror @
Mirror @
Mirror @
Mirror @

Download of DivX 5.05

Linuxserver fixed - shib, 2003-05-04 08:07
Blub !

Most of the Linux Server are fixed with Public Enemy Serverversion 1.01. You can find @ the current Serverlist.

News archive: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ]
Clans, Clans 'n' Metamod - Shib, 2003-05-03 07:48
We've installed 2 additional IRC-Channels ( and #penemy.war) where you can organize Clanwars and search new clanmembers.

Those who want to found a Public-Enemy-Clan and need a server, can be happy ;). A gameserver offerer will lower their clan-server-price for Public-Enemy-Clans only. More infos soon.

Public Enemy had a very good start. Because of this we soon can start the first Public-Enemy-Ligue in co-operation with ESL (Electronic Sports League).

At the moment there are many Public-Enemy-Clans in the structure. The first four Clans are: Amox, aDjust, P][enemy and gAnjA4liFe. All of them are searching additional teammembers. At the end of this News you'll find the links to the sites of these clans.

Since short time Metamod support for Public Enemy is available. With Metamod it is possible to run programs such as Adminmod, Clanmod, to let AMX etc. on your server.

Have a nice Weekend.

Amox Clan
ESL Europe